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  • Hivernage

    Hivernage, a luxurious and trendy district, brings together the city's most chic hotels where pleasure and desire are the watchwords. From trendy rooftops to luxurious establishments, Hivernage is a neighborhood where opulence is commonplace. Located at the southern end of Marrakech, this is the district where your most fanciful whims can be fulfilled

  • Palais Bahia

    The Bahia Palace (Palace of the Beautiful, the Brilliant) is an eight-hectare 19th-century palace located in Marrakech. It is one of the masterpieces of Moroccan architecture, one of the major monuments of the country's cultural heritage and one of the main places of tourism in Morocco.

  • Place des épices

    The famous place of spices, foam of taste, fusion of colors and sensations invites you to fly and sail. Saffron, red gold with fragrant flavors, rhymes with the shades of ocher and rust of Marrakech.

  • Gueliz

    Guéliz, a district symbol of Moroccan modernity, brings diversity and inspiration. A true crossroads of diversity, Guéliz constitutes the “new city” of Marrakech.

  • Agafay

    Located about thirty kilometers from Marrakech, the Agafay desert is one of the most beautiful natural sites, perfectly nestled on the plateaus of the High Atlas. This desert pearl of the ocher city extends over several hectares at the foot of the mountains of The Atlas, a perfectly arid landscape of stones and rocks, offers you an immense panoramic view of the dunes and mountains.

  • Souk

    This place, characterized by its rich craftsmanship and unique know-how, is a veritable labyrinth where colors and scents intertwine. An artisanal wealth, 80,000 small hands but unique know-how, the Souk, made of narrow streets but large hearts, is a real labyrinth where scents and colors extend and intermingle.

  • Koutoubia

    The magnificent Koutoubia mosque fascinates with its grandeur and its traditional and unique architecture. Koutoubia fascinates on the one hand by its architecture and its domes, on the other hand by the beauty of its forms and the grandeur of its building. Its minaret, 77m high, is visible from more than 25km away.

  • Ourika

    The Ourika valley and its splendid landscapes of argan trees, greenery and streams will awaken your senses. A succession of small shops, large puddles of water, bare feet on the rocky walls of the wadi, flowing and green waterfalls... Laughter, songs and splashes, the Ourika valley, a beautiful getaway.

  • Jemaa el Fna

    A place of eternal exoticism where souks, snake charmers and riads go hand in hand, a living fragment of the Arabian Nights. The Jemma el-Fnaa square acts like a magic potion, in a few hours, the mind is cleansed of the dross of the "modern" world and the body cannot help but wander the mysterious alleys punctuated by drums until arriving at a a moving and quivering circle, tightened around an individual who narrates tales and social satire.a

  • Mémoire d'été

    Georges Sand said that "perfume is the memory of the soul"... Botanika Marrakech is pleased to present its new home fragrance "Mémoires d'été" which will take you on a journey into your sweetest and most memorable memories. more fragrant....

  • Vent de fraîcheur

    Juicy and refreshing, it will not leave you indifferent...

  • Menara

    The Menara is a vast garden planted with olive trees developed during the Almoahades dynasty about 45 minutes on foot from Jemaa el-Fnaa square, in the center of Marrakech. At the heart of this garden, a large pond at the foot of a pavilion serves as a water reservoir to irrigate the crops.

  • Kasbah

    The Kasbah, a citadel full of classic creations and vestiges, shines the spotlight on Marrakchis traditions.

  • Mellah - Palais Divin

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