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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Botanika Marrakech, where each fragrance evokes the intoxicating scents of the red city. From eau de parfum to body mists, let yourself be transported by exotic, floral and woody notes that capture the very essence of Morocco. Discover a captivating range that invites you on a unique sensory journey, where each spray is an olfactory escapade in the fragrant alleys of Marrakech.


  • Fragrance

    Discover the enchanting essence of the new Aqua Di Marrakech perfumes. Among them, “KB” embodies the distinctive signature of the founder, Botanika Marrakech. A captivating fusion of carefully selected aromas that evoke the elegance and mystery of Marrakech, providing an unforgettable olfactory experience. Each fragrance in this collection reflects the vibrant soul of the brand, transporting those who wear them on a sensory journey to the heart of Morocco.

  • Body mist

    The body mists of the Botanika Marrakech range allow you to travel through our 5 different fragrances. They will bring you freshness and lightness, for use for the body or hair but also to perfume your interior.

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