Expert in well-being, BOTANIKA MARRAKECH extends its expertise in the field of the house by offering a library of scents and textures stemming from the ancestral know-how of botany.


  • Home fragrance

    Ten fragrances, ten stories, one and only love letter for Marrakech. Potteries, watercolors and unrivalled softness. Close your eyes and let yourself get carried away to the sun, colors, idleness. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life through this collection of fragrances inspired by the incomparable beauty of the ocher city.

  • Spray fragrance

    Ten fragrances. ten stories, one and only love letter for Marrakech. Pottery, watercolours, sweetness. We close our eyes and let ourselves be carried away towards the sun, the colors, lazing. Indulge in the simple pleasures of life with this collection of fragrances inspired by the ochre city and its unparalleled beauty.

  • Refil fragrance

    Refills for glass bottles of fragrances Botanika Marrakech, allow to refill as many times as you wish your bottles with the perfume you desire.

  • Burning oil

    Botanika Marrakech burning oils are natural sources, extracted from plants, used for aromatherapy as soothing deodorant, anti-stress, optimism, serenity... To perfume and brighten your interior according to your tastes, eliminate bad smells and sanitize your rooms, scented oils to burn are essential. Pour the oil into the cup of your burner, light the tealight candle and fully enjoy the scent.

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