Our Certifications of Excellence

Excellence and innovation are at the heart of our values. Our aim is to offer the best for our customers, and we are committed to protecting the consumer by providing clear, objective and fair information in accordance with law 31-08. We are also committed to meeting regulatory requirements, while ensuring high product quality to satisfy our customers.

We are committed to an innovative
and eco-responsible approach.


When applied to the skin, parabens penetrate the skin and lodge in the body's tissues, disrupting cellular function by inhibiting the secretion of lysosomal enzymes. They therefore represent a real health hazard.


As a cosmetic ingredient, organic argan vegetable oil is recognized for its properties: Toning and softening: it restores elasticity and suppleness to the skin. Rich in antioxidants: it neutralizes free radicals and fights the signs of skin aging.


Silicones damage the hair structure and suffocate the hair, leaving it with no real nourishment as the care products don't penetrate the hair fiber. Also bad for the skin, they are occlusive agents that clog pores and don't let the skin breathe.

An international standard on requirements for food safety systems. Our aim is to provide you with safe and healthy food supplements.

An international standard for good manufacturing practice in the cosmetics industry, covering the production, control, storage and dispatch of cosmetic products.

Cette norme internationalement reconnue définit les exigences d'un système de gestion de la qualité dans le secteur des dispositifs médicaux.

La certification « kosher label » est la garantie de traçabilité du produit par la présence effective d’un contrôleur surveillant la totalité du process de production.

This label aims to provide the necessary guarantees to enable Moroccan companies to win the trust of millions of consumers, who are increasingly concerned about the traceability of the HALAL character of the products they use every day.

This label applies to products guaranteed to be free from any animal material or substances. This label does not guarantee the brand in its entirety, nor does it certify the absence of animal testing on foreign markets.

The Ecocert label guarantees the quality of our raw materials, which come from both organic farming and "traditional fair trade".

This label testifies to the quality of our products as part of an eco-responsible approach. The label, which guarantees the safety of food products, is intended to give confidence to consumers and all our partners.

The laboratory cooperates with local producers and openly shares its achievements in this field and its future aspirations. To save the planet, every little gesture counts. With emblematic plants from the inspiring lands of Morocco, our policy is to put the spotlight on them.