Body care based on organic argan oil and argan leaf extract known for its exceptional virtues. Explore our body care, shower gels, artisanal soaps, hand and foot care, baby products and sun protection. Reconnect with nature with the purity of Botanika Marrakech


  • Body care

    Body care inspired by the richness of Morocco based on organic argon oil and argan leaf extracts. Scrubs, balms, creams, milks and body oils that nourish your skin with their rich, highly hydrating, purifying or exfoliating textures and their delicate fragrances.

  • Shower

    Transform your shower ritual into a unique experience with our Botanika Marrakech products. Discover Moroccan authenticity through our shower gels, shower oils, shower creams and ghassoul. Nourish your skin in the shower with the natural richness of Botanika Marrakech, for unparalleled softness.

  • Soap
  • Hands and feet
  • For baby

    High safety and high quality are required when it comes to toddlers. Ingredients of natural origin rigorously selected for their softness eciency, alcohol, colouring and hypoallergenic. These recipes for sensitive and fragile skin pamper young children and reassure their mothers.

  • Sun

    From Morocco to the Cote d’Azur , the BOTANIKA MARRAKECH sunglasses rhyme light cream, ultra fluid milks, sublimating oil or refreshing jelly with enchanting scents and laziness, to well protect themselves from skin damage. Non-greasy, fast-absorbing, non- whitening and water-resistant; practical and clever products to enjoy the sun’s rays all year round and in complete serenity.

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