Aqua di Marrakech • KB


The brand new KB perfume transports you to a majestic secret garden, a mixture of the most exquisite perfumes. The top note, composed of rose and citrus notes, is fresh and delicate. It rebalances and refocuses vital energies. The heart note alliance of iris and vetiver brings character, depth and tenacity. It gives off green and smoky swirls. The iris is intended for prestigious perfumeries and brings a delicate violet, woody and airy scent, but it is both powerful and refined. A fascinating combination that invites you to explore a hidden universe. The base note immerses you in a forest with its precious woods with powerful scents, slightly musky and amber, they evoke the earth and the plant. An experience that is both haunting and comforting, elusive and yet recognizable.

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Capacity 100ml
Need Charm
Texture Water
Fragrance Pamplemouse
Country origin Morocco

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