Body care

Body care inspired by the richness of Morocco based on organic argon oil and argan leaf extracts. Scrubs, balms, creams, milks and body oils that nourish your skin with their rich, highly hydrating, purifying or exfoliating textures and their delicate fragrances.


  • Body scrub

    The exfoliating scrub from the Botanika Marrakech range is the natural recipe that gently exfoliates the dead cells of your epidermis, eliminates roughness and stimulates microcirculation. A gourmet jelly based on argan oil and geranium essential oil, combined with shea butter, and rich in vitamin E.

  • Body balm

    The body balms of the Botanika Marrakech range based on argan oil, sweet almond and shea butter, nourishes, regenerates and protects your skin, while giving it elasticity and suppleness.

  • Body cream

    The body creams from the Botanika Marrakech range, based on argan, sweet almond and shea butter oils, leave on the skin a feeling of softness and intense hydration. Its restorative and protective formula, delicately scented with voluptuous notes, envelops dry skin in a cocoon of comfort.

  • Body lotion

    Body Lotion is a skin care product that offers important nutritional benefits. In addition to deeply moisturizing your skin, it reduces redness, soothes skin of all kinds of irritations and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines for the result of toned and soft skin.

  • Body oil

    Available in different fragrances and textures, Botanika Marrakech body oils are designed to meet the different needs of your skin.

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