Sweet almond vegetable oil


BOTANIKA oils are carefully selected beauty vegetable oils, 100% pure and natural, extracted from first cold pressing to preserve their virtues, from organic cultivation and without any chemical treatment. The range extends from extracts of medicinal plants to exotic African plant extracts, including aromatic plants typical of the mountains and also fruit and vegetable extracts, flowers and plants originating from Moroccan soil or other regions of the world. Each vegetable oil has a unique composition of fatty acids (monounsaturated and essential) and unsaponifiable compounds. The beneficial properties of vegetable oils have been known since antiquity, they nourish, protect and moisturize every part of the body: Skin, Hair and Nails. Botanika Marrakech vegetable oils have a concentrated content of active ingredients recognized for their effectiveness and powerful performance.

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Capacity 50ml
Need Moisturise
Texture Oil
Skin type Mixed
Fragrance Amande Douce
Country origin Morocco

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