Our Botanika Story

After more than 15 years' experience in developing top-of-the-range beauty products, the IRCOS MAROC dermocosmetics laboratory launches its own range of Botanika Marrakech natural cosmetics. 

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When applied to the skin, parabens penetrate the skin and lodge in the body's tissues, disrupting cellular function by inhibiting the secretion of lysosomal enzymes. They therefore represent a real health hazard.


As a cosmetic ingredient, organic argan vegetable oil is recognized for its properties: Toning and softening: it restores elasticity and suppleness to the skin. Rich in antioxidants: it neutralizes free radicals and fights the signs of skin aging.


Silicones damage the hair structure and suffocate the hair, leaving it with no real nourishment as the care products don't penetrate the hair fiber. Also bad for the skin, they are occlusive agents that clog pores and don't let the skin breathe.

Founder of Botanika Marrakech.

The adventure began in 1999, when pharmacist and cosmetologist Dr Khalid Bitar founded IRCOS Laboratories. After more than 15 years developing top-of-the-range beauty products for major international cosmetics brands, and drawing on his expertise as well as his attachment to his roots, he decided to create his own line of skincare products. 

Morocco's hidden plant treasures inspired him. He decided to combine the famous argan oil, concentrated in vitamin E, with the still little-known argan leaf extract, naturally rich in flavonoids.

These two active plant ingredients work in perfect synergy, multiplying their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory virtues. Born of this discovery, BOTANIKA MARRAKECH transcends the ancestral beauty rituals passed down from generation to generation by Moroccan women. Using natural raw materials from Moroccan organic farming, BOTANIKA offers women and men high-quality, healthy and environmentally-friendly formulas at affordable prices. To meet everyone's needs, BOTANIKA MARRAKECH has created 8 product ranges, formulated with organic essential oils and plant extracts. 

These ranges are obtained using ecological ultrasonic extraction methods, and are paraben-free, aluminum salt-free, GMO-free and not tested on animals.

All our products are certified and manufactured to the highest international quality standards imposed by the following two standards:

  • ISO 22716 and the Halal label, and the international quality and safety standards applicable to the use of natural plant extracts, to best meet the requirements of our customers (Women, Men, Babies and Home).

  • ISO 13485, Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes, is an internationally recognized standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices sector. It has recently undergone a revision, and the new one was published in March 2016.

Petrolatum (Paraffinum Liquidumi) are refined petrochemical derivatives with film-forming properties that prevent oxygenation of skin and hair. We've chosen to replace them with more natural ingredients that are more compatible with the same properties, but without any harmful effects.