Box Souk


Discover a captivating essence that awakens your senses and envelops your daily life with a captivating elegance with the Souk box set.


Home fragrance Souk (250)
This place, characterized by its wealth of craftsmanship and its unique know-how, is a veritable labyrinth where colors and scents intermingle. A wealth of craftsmanship, 80,000 small hands but a unique know-how, the Souk, made up of narrow streets but big hearts, is a real labyrinth where scents and colors extend and intermingle.

Liquid soap souk
For clean and clear hands, the Souk liquid hand soap from the Botanika Marrakech range, based on argan leaf extract and chamomile extract, purifies your hands and delicately perfumes them while respecting the natural balance of your skin. skin.

Souk room spray
The room sprays of the Botanika Marrakech range envelop the atmosphere through a simple reflex of captivating notes inspired by the gardens of Aden. With great subtlety in the perception of all the facets of a perfume, the Botanika Marrakech room spray is the ideal support for instantly diffusing all the subtlety of the perfume's notes. Thanks to daily use, the perfume envelops your curtains, cushions and carpets in a few days and immerses you in a chic and warm, festive and friendly atmosphere, appreciated by young and old.

Large format metal box