Men's Box


Botanika Marrakech's box for men contains everything you need for the care of your beard or mustache: shampoos, shaving gel and after-shave gel.

Country origin Morocco

After shave gel
The after-shave gel from the Botanika Marrakech range brings more hydration to the skin cells and gives it a more supple texture, thanks to the nourishing and moisturizing benefits of Aloe Vera. The soothing action of argan leaf extracts, the anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel and chamomile with calming properties, soothe razor burn by providing a pleasant feeling of softness. Formulated for daily use, this gel with a refreshing natural scent helps skin regain suppleness and comfort.

Beard shampoo
Much more than a simple cleanser, Botanika beard shampoo is designed to maintain the hair as much as wash it. Indeed, the beard is maintained and looks better when it is cleaned with this adapted product. Beard hair is thick and hard, so it requires specific care for optimal hydration. Thanks to Botanika beard shampoo, the hair bulb is deeply nourished and all hair regains shine and shine. When it is well nourished, we know that the beard grows faster and the hair becomes denser.

Small metal box